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11:40 p.m. - 2007-02-11
St�phane & St�phanie

After reading your post you really got me thinking. I really liked the movie and now that you mentioned this, I think I love it even more.

St�phane is a shy guy, very creative and somewhat insane, as you said. Now, according to your theory, not only Guy will be a representation of his own personality (in his dreamscape) but also St�phanie. She becomes more and more creative across the movie. Even her name "Stephanie" is not a coincidence, for me, is more an allegory of bipolar disorder or something like that, quote: or something like that, quote:

Stephane: P. S. R. Parallel Synchronized Randomness. An interesting brain rarity and our subject for today. Two people walk in opposite directions at the same time and then they make the same decision at the same time. Then they correct it, and then they correct it, and then they correct it, and then they correct it, and then they correct it. Basically, in a mathematical world these two little guys will stay looped for the end of time. The brain is the most complex thing in the universe and it's right behind the nose.

However, St�phane and St�phanie are friends in real life, remember how they argued about being friends at the stairs. And this is why I found this movie so interesting, because we can see through St�phane's dreams and desires (basically his unconscious) and, we ought to observe all this bright and rich life inside him which he doesn't know how to show it. In the end he is just an *beep*. Even though St�phanie has some sympathy for him, I believe.

So, I guess the science of sleep is all about ourselves and how each character inside our dreams (your own mother, your crush or your coworker) may symbolize fears, social conventions in relationships, wishes or just "memories from the day". But, how can we judge the unconscious? St�phane is the example when someone lives a bitter life but a happy dream... This is the modern Don Quijote.

Sorry for my English, I'm from Mexico, ciao!

This was my response to the post of the board in about the movie The Science of Sleep. So, here it is:

The truth about Guy? "The blantant sexual creepy comments were there to show that the characters in his dreamscape( even if they were revisions of memories of real people he worked with) were really of his own personality.

Throughout the film Guy makes tons of sexual comments sometimes rude and akward, -(goat on a cliff )these were really Stephane's thoughts. Through lucid dreaming he imbues them upon Guy.

We the audience, and Stephane himself dont see this. We see him as this caring creative person but the truth is he is somewhat insane. He floats through diff personalitys often within a few minutes ( the last scene)

Which is a big reason stephanie is not into him.

Guy is a real person though, but as Stephane says in the beginning Dreams are made up bits of memories from the day.

This is also an explanation of the way the movie shifts back and forth btw realities, because it is for the most part, Stephane's lucid dream revision of events and characters and artistic creations.

A good show of where reality lays is in all the negative, akward scenes.

One last thing- this theory of Guy becomes solidified in the scene where he throws out his tv because they make a comment about wetTshirt contests during a riot/protest coverage. Something "Goat on a cliff" Guy would never do."



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