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12:05 p.m. - 2007-01-28
Should I speak English once more?
Actually I only have two or three posts written in English here, so... It would be better if I'd practice French, because that's the language I'm studying right now... Mais je suis bien sr que je ne peux pas parler les memmes choses que en spagnol et moins en anglais...

Besides of that, Vero Des wants me to talk about my dental health. I'm not pretty sure what does that mean, do you really like to know about my caries? I don't think so. Probably, the gossips you want to hear are related directly with my last relationship, isn't it? Or maybe even about every single relation that I've had! Ok you little punk, maybe I'll talk about that, but It must be in Spanish, because It takes me more time to write the right word in English...

Let's say that I discovered love when I was five. I was heartbroken at 15. I got naughty at 21 and I went crazy at 23. Of course, there's a lot of lost information here but that's because I've seen Eternal sunshine for a spotless mind so many times. Ok, this is not my dental file but I suppose that this is much more interesting :)

Well, should I speak English once more?



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