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9:51 p.m. - 2008-11-19
Art of love
I believe that sexual freedom is the boundary between responsibility and self-respect among men and women. I believe that a deep link grows between people after �getting jiggy with it� and I think that a valuable sexual freedom, from a feminist perspective, is not just women�s freedom to choose their sexual partner and do whatever they want with their private sex life, but also been liberated themselves from the historical and social tag which assumes that they are mere objects of pleasure and nothing more. Like in any kind of freedom, we must consider its ethics.

I�ve found so incongruent and poisonous the kind of sexual freedom which tends to imitate historical male domination and his vices. Living in a sexist environment makes me see this clearly. Most of Mexican people tolerate vices in men which cannot do with women, basically. Religion tried to protect people�s psyche from these issues, trying to show that �sexuality is an authentic expression of committed and mutual gift of self� and not a cold and harm experience in human life; therefore sex and love were the key. But most of catholic interpretations became so severe and defend patriarchy that most of the people forgot the genuine intention that love�s knowledge had in the beginning.

The cultural background might justify my actions if I wanted to practice such a thing (but I don�t). And that can apply to any other culture. We can justify our actions by the Era where we live if those are considered �normal� or �natural� just because everyone practices them. I�ve learned that idealism can be good for some things, though not that much for some others where we actually need to be down to earth. The problem is to learn to distinguish when we must dream and when we must accept life as it comes.

I don�t what to become cold and indifferent; I don�t want to be able to ignore feelings implicated in relationships, intercourse, friendship or family. I think that there is where emptiness and unfulfillment are born. Therefore I�m in the way of loyalty and honesty; therefore I can�t have an �unserious� relationship, because if I have a moral responsibility with the other one, then I�m giving myself as human and I�m expecting the same in exchange. I mean, you can�t have that kind of thing with two different people at the same time. And, that's it.



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